July 13, 2017


Oh hey there, everyone!  It seems like it’s been forever since I’ve sent out a news update… and it actually has been!  It has been quite the whirlwind of a summer so far… and it’s only mid-July!  Well - actually, mid-July means that my summer “vacation” halfway over and I’ll be gearing up to get back to work soon!  In the meantime, though, I want to reflect a little bit on my trip out to Colorado, as well as fill you in on some awesome gigs coming up in the next few weeks!


I am blessed to have had the amazing opportunity to spend two weeks out in Denver, a place that - after this trip - has become a place of comfort, stress-relief and relaxation.  I’ve been to Colorado before, but I’ve always brought work with me.  I’ve either visited mid-school year, when the work never ends, or I’ve visited in summer when it’s about time to go back to school.  This time, however, I was kind of forced to leave my work behind… literally.  We turn our work computers in at the end of every school year to be re-imaged, and so, aside from my phone which gets annoying for word processing and website updating, I did not have easy access to work.  Turns out, it was awesome.


This sounds crazy, but since I was twelve (or maybe even’d have to ask my dad) I’ve been working summers.  I cashiered, fixed windows, mixed paint, helped customers, had gymnastics practices, taught dance, tutored, taught summer school, babysat, taught voice lessons, or played countless gigs with Random Maxx.  Never before have I allowed myself to take time for me.  This is exactly what my trip to Denver was.  I had several days where I literally did nothing.  I sat in the pool, or outside in the amazing Colorado weather, and read, listened to music, played guitar, or just sat and did nothing.  It was amazing and I had a chance to refresh and reflect...exactly what I needed!  

 I spent a lot of time with my cousin Roman when I was out in Denver.  Roman is an amazing musician and it was an inspiration to talk with him about music and life.   You really need to check out his website along with his newest release, Bedroom Lullabies: Wave 1.  It’s a free download, and you totally need to check out his music.  I had the opportunity to become a Roman Samuels groupie for five of his gigs while I was visiting, and I noticed many things while experiencing his live performances.  However, the most obvious and important thing was how truly passionate Roman is about his music.  

 A quick backstory - my aunt and uncle Shari and Denzil purchased the house I currently own from my grandma before she passed away, and I bought it from them in August of 2015.  I have memories of Shari and Denzil’s family living in Wisconsin during the summers, and even fonder memories of sitting outside on the patio, drinking wine, and listening to Roman play guitar.  I remember being amazed at how easily he was able to write melodies and song lyrics.  After high school in Colorado, Roman spent seven years in Florida attending Ave Maria University followed by working in finance… and then realized his true passion wasn’t in was in music.  So he packed his bags and drove back to his home in the mountains and is working his butt off making a name for himself in the Denver area in the music industry.  I was fortunate to be able to hear Roman play so much while I was out in Denver… and I noticed very quickly that every single time Roman performs, he is in the moment.  Each song has a story and each story can be told in a new way every time he sings his songs.  This made me think about my solo show.  I’m not a

songwriter… although to be fair, I’ve never tried.  But I’ve decided that there is a story to tell through every song, no matter who wrote it.  I’m excited to jump back into gigging, and have many shows coming up, especially in August!  


In other news, I’m happy to announce that I will be filling in on a part-time basis with the Doghouse Charlie Band.  Between their amazingly talented singers Cricket and Sarah, and myself, there will be two of us at every show.  We held a rehearsal prior to their gig at House of Harley this past Saturday and added some of my solo tunes to their set --- and it was legit!  I’m excited to perform with them more often!  


I’m also excited to announce that I’ve got quite a few solo shows coming up, first and foremost at Gary’s Wind Lake Boathouse this coming Saturday!  I’ll be playing from 7ish to 10ish, and am excited to just relax and enjoy the show.  I even bought some small percussion instruments so if y’all come out, you can join in on the show!  My next solo gig will be on Saturday, July 29th at Rawson Pub, with a show at The Tap Room with DHC the night before. :)


Check out my shows page for a complete list of all of my upcoming gigs, including two solo shows at the Door County Fish Boil stage at State Fair in August --- super pumped for those!  


Thanks for following me and my musical adventures...and as a thank you, I’ve recorded an acoustic cover of Zac Brown Band’s “Island Song” for your listening pleasure.  Oh - and if you come out to my gig on Saturday, I just might play it live!


Happy Thursday and see you at my upcoming gigs!

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