July 27, 2017

Happy Thursday, everyone! Thanks to all of you who came out to Gary’s two weeks ago...what an incredibly fun show.  Thanks to Kurt from The Fake Ids for sitting in on keys for some of my second set, and to Curtis for playing guitar with me on Rhiannon.  And, of course, thanks to everyone else who came out to hang out.  You guys were so fun I lost track of time and played for four hours...pretty sure the Irish whiskey helped. :)  I won’t be back at Gary’s until November, but rest assured, it’s going to be a lot of fun!


So I have a little bit of news to share.  When I left Random Maxx back in December, it was a tough decision with many different factors thrown into the mix, but ultimately it was just too overwhelming with my teaching schedule.  As I’ve embarked upon my solo music adventure, it has been more amazing and incredible than I could have ever expected.  I continue to gain more confidence in my own performance, I enjoy picking my own songs and adding my own little twist to the original version, and I’m really enjoying booking my own shows, doing my own publicity and everything else that goes into being an active performing musician.  



Here’s where the news comes in… many of you may have noticed via social media that I have had a few rehearsals with and have been booking shows with The Doghouse Charlie Band.  They are a fantastically fun band that perform a wide variety of music.  I have been filling in on a semi-regular basis, sometimes sitting in on keys and/or vocals, sometimes playing solo between and during their sets.  Between the ever-so-talented Cricket Harris and Sarah Anderson, DHC has developed a rockin’ show… and to help ease the busyness of scheduling and family life, I will now be an official member, and you will see a rotating line-up with (hopefully) two of us at every gig.  I’m thrilled to be working with such a fun and talented group of musicians...and a huge shout-out to Jake Brusewitz for patiently waiting around since my baptism for me to join his band.  Your efforts paid off.  :)


That being said, follow Doghouse Charlie on Facebook and come check us out! I’m excited to have the opportunity to play my solo shows but also fill in the cracks with some hard core rock, all the while working around my own schedule.  Pretty pumped to embark upon this new adventure...it’s gonna be a fun one!


That brings us to this weekend, where I have one DHC gig and one solo gig.  Doghouse Charlie will be rocking at The Tap Room in South Milwaukee … this is an awesome venue with great beers, delicious food and - of course - some rockin’ music!  I’ll be sharing the stage with Cricket on lead vocals tomorrow and we are gonna pump it up… you won’t want to miss her Janis Joplin, so be sure you get there in time to catch it!  


Then Saturday night, I’m back at Rawson Pub in Franklin… one of my favorite venues.  Come hang out, and if you’re nice, I might even let you join me on some percussion.  I start around 7 and will play until y’all kick me out… hope to see you there!


Have a great weekend and I hope to see you at one or both of my shows!



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